Performers for 'The Capital'






The Capitalis Stans Cafes new production, which will open in Birmingham in October 2018 before undertaking a UK tour in 2019.

Inspired by economic theories of inequalityThe Capitalslides back and forth through the city, telling diverse stories of wealth and poverty and how these states are entwined with each other.

Staged on twin moving walkways,The Capitalis a show without words and will use vividvisualstorytelling to explore themes of financial inequality and strained human relationships

Stans Cafe is looking for performers with a strong sense of physicality, who can demonstrate experience in:

  • Ensemble devising.
  • Visual story telling.

The Capital has a cast of 5 who will all play multiple roles in a piece about the tensions arising from inequalities in modern cities.

We are looking to cast:

  • Female and male performers.
  • At least one performer with playing age early to mid-20s.
  • Additional performers of any playing age.

Stans Cafes objective of producing excellent work rests on working with company members who are representative of the full diversity of contemporary UK; consequently, we encourage applications from all sectors of society.


480 per week.

All contracts will offer ITC-approved conditions and rates of pay.

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