Edge-Lit 6 - horror, fantasy and science-fiction day, QUAD





Edge-Lit 6
15th July 2017, 10am-late

QUAD, Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AS
Tickets 30including access to all events and event goodie bag

One of the UK's favourite science-fiction, fantasy and horror writing events returns for its latest installment, bringing together some of the UK's leading authors for a packed day of workshops, panels, readings, book launches, and much more besides! With a friendly atmosphere, a fantastic modern venue, an incredible array of booksellers and a huge amount of activity on the day, Edge-Lit is a great value day out and a must-attend for writers, readers or fans of genre fiction. And that's without even mentioning the now-legendary Edge-Lit raffle...

Plus this year Edge-Lit will be hosting one of the UKs most prestigious awards for fantasy fiction, the David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy! With a roll of honour taking in authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, Mark Lawrence, Patrick Rothfuss and many more besides, be sure not to miss out on this wonderful prizegiving ceremony!

Acclaimed fantasy and literary author JOANNE HARRIS
Multi-award winning science-fiction author STEPHEN BAXTER

For more information email Alex Davis, event co-ordinator, at alexd@derbyquad.co.uk

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