6 week darbuka (Middle Eastern goblet shaped drum) course





Following the successful 6 week course done in November last year, Elizabeth felt encouraged to do the same this beginning of 2017.
Come along, learn and improve the art of playing this beautiful fiery instrument used in many Middle Eastern, North African and Balkan music cultures.

We will:
- learn techniques for each stroke/sound
- improve sense of rhythm and coordination through a series of body movement exercises and vocalisations.
- learn and improve main rhythms used on those traditions which range from 4/4 meter to 7/8 meter
- learn to play darbuka on a few traditional songs
- Have fun, improve your concentration and coordination skills!

90 for whole course including hand outs and mp3 music to practice on and learn from. You are allowed to take videos of the lessons.

Limited to 5 people only. A few darbukas available. Bring your own if you can.

You can contact Elizabeth on elizabethnott23@gmail.com for more info and bookings.



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